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Goodyear Auto Services Center

By StayAwayFromHere on Wed 05 February 2014

I have never written a bad review before this and tried my best to resolve this with the store directly before posting this review. In my opinion, you should avoid this store. I had a dispute with this store over the verbally quoted price of repair and their attitude was very disappointing. I am very sorry that I did not go to another store, I was foolish and want to prevent others from having a similar experience. Rather than trying to resolve an innocent misunderstanding, the store personnel treated me with contempt, scorn sarcasm, and disrespect. They simply decided that I was the problem. Additionally, prior to posting this review I contacted Goodyear Corporate for assistance in resolving this issue. I informed Goodyear Corporate of the dispute and they simply replied with the same party line started by their service managers. I am very disappointed with Walt, Dennis, Seymour and every other service manager they have. These guys need to vastly improve their procedures in dealing with unhappy customers. I sincerely hope that they find a way to improve the quality of their customer service.