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Hybrid Motors Inc

By smoothoperator on Wed 05 February 2014

I took my 2003 Mercedes E320 to the dealer where I bought it from, Benzel Busch in Englewood, when my car wasnt shifting right. The service adviser called me later in the day and told me i'd need a new transmission (to the tune of $4200!!). I couldnt afford it, so a friend of mine recommended I take my car to his mechanic to see if I could get the repair done the way, the dealer charged me $379 just to LOOK at the car. Thats right, not fix anything, just to tell me whats off. I brought my car there, and the shop owners were friendly. I was asked to leave the car there because they were busy, and i'd receive a call with an estimate. Not only did they tell me that there was nothing wrong with the transmission, they quoted me $750 to fix something electrical. The car was ready the next day! I'd highly recommend them! They're not cheap, but they're honest and really helped me when I was in a pinch