Shop Reviews

Hawks Prairie Automotive

By Smiles on Wed 05 February 2014

Used to go here on a regular basis but couldn't believe the incompetency of their mechanics and the feeling of getting ripped off every time I went in. Issues I have had with this company through the years on various cars: needing a $200 radiator flush with an oil change (didn't know any better at the time), they drilled a hole in my distributor and I somehow paid for it, they broke the hood prop off the car and just tossed in on top of the engine, after a transfer case service the transfer case grinded to its death. They will sell you things you do not need and will not honor repairing their own mistakes!

Automotive Artistry

By Smiles on Wed 05 February 2014

Went in for a tune up and was told everything looked good still except the spark plugs. The squeaky brakes were just squeaky and they applied some sort of lubricant to them. Any other shop would have sold me an entire tune up and new brakes! Very honest and nice guys at this shop