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Georgia Luxury Automotive

By sj on Wed 05 February 2014

"I recently had a major overheating with my car on the expressway. Once I had the car pulled over to the shoulder, I immediately called F1 to let them know I was having a problem and was on the side of the expressway. Not only did they talk with me over the phone about what might be the problem, the person (Mark) on the phone called a tow truck to come have it picked up for me as well. The staff at F1 went the extra mile on this one as the car had major overheating related problems. I was quoted a fair price and the work was completed as it was stated it would be. It is rare to find a shop that has the dedication that your employee's do and has always treated me with the kind of respect that is not often felt when you bring your car in to have looked at. I will continue to be a loyal customer and I just wanted to say thanks to all your staff for going the extra mile each and every time I need something tended to on my Car. Job well done! " Steven James