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Feretti Motors Inc

By SeanGrabiner on Wed 05 February 2014

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover! Of Course Ross Is Going To Reply By Stating ( Look At Their 2000+ Positive Feedback Reviews On Ebay!) Well first off please do this. As you can see no one has brought from this company off Ebay in months because they are a worthless company. Read the reviews from others at this site. Ok now here is my Horror Story. I brought a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer From Ross This Past Month (2012). I was promised that the Truck would be delivered on 7/15/12 I was expecting it to be delivered on this date, and had a family road trip planed for that coming weekend. Well to a shock the Truck was not delivered to me on the date promised. NO PHONE CALL was received from this company to say sorry, but the car could not be promised on this date. They were not willing to refund shipping cost, nor place me in a rental until i received possession of the Truck they promised me. A COMPLETE WEEK passed before the Truck was delivered to me. It became a back and forth phone battle with Ross to when the Truck was going to be delivered to me. Ok so finally a week later than promised, the Truck Arrives. I was promised 30 Day Tags, as well as the title to be sent along with the delivery of the Truck. And of course nothing was sent with the truck. The truck had a empty tank of gas..... And of course the excuse was because federal laws state that cars cant be transported with fuel in them. Sad to say the car was delivered on a flatbed trailer, and they used a standard street truck.... So that was BS. The Day I received the Truck, it had several DEEP scratches and a few were showing rust. The inside of the car smelled like MOLD!!! AND STILL DOES! The front bumper was loose, and had broken front bumper clips. The Truck sat parked in my drive way for over two weeks before I received 30 Day Tags From Ross. I was promised that the front bumper would be repaired. I was advised (BY ROSS) to take it into a repair shop to get a quote ($120) Its been a month to this date and I still have not received payment to fix the bumper, or to address the mold smell inside the Truck. Guys And Gals, All I can say is stay away from these people. ROSS (Sales Person) Will fill your ears with everything you will want to hear. If it sounds to good to be true, normally its ,,,,,,,, UNTRUE. I just wish I would have done my research before I wasted my time and money with these people. If you want to contact me please feel free to do so, as i will be more than happy to warn you. ( [email protected] ) I'm currently working with a few other un happy people who have used this company with bad reviews to OPEN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! AGAIN STAY AWAY FROM ( Feretti Motors Incorporated ) They have bad Business Ethics, No Morals, And are nothing but a bunch of LIERS.