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Archer's Action Auto Service Center

By Ryanmkii on Wed 05 February 2014

For a more accurate view of our customers’ satisfaction with Archers’ service please visit the Feedback page on our website. Now for our side: Cierra H ran off the road, filed no police report, and was trying to get insurance to pay for her repairs. We explained everything to her thoroughly and respectfully. Insurance denied her claim. Her car then sat at our shop for 2 weeks and the service writer handling her vehicle was on vacation. When the vehicle was picked up she was billed our standard diagnostic charge. Once the service writer returned he agreed that he had cut her a break to look at it. We have since attempted to contact her and offer a partial refund but haven't heard back. When she initially called on the phone, she was yelling and was so disrespectful to our employee he hung up (for those that know us, this never happens). She then arrived at our shop and acted similarly: confrontational, immature, and frankly, a bit crazy. She was asked to calm down or she must leave. When she did neither we told her we would be calling the police. Only when the owner picked up the phone to dial did she walk out (yelling incomprehensibly). Two customers in the lobby looked at each other and commented “that girl has problems”. Had she approached this misunderstanding civilly, we likely would have resolved this last week.