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Maple Auto Repair

By Robin Herger on Wed 05 February 2014

When our normal auto shop closed, we thought that we would have to start going to one of the big chains and lose that personal touch. When looking online, I found Maple Auto. We have now brought two cars to them and I have been impressed with their helpfulness and honesty each time. We are about to go to Florida (from NJ) and needed to have our mini-van checked out. We assumed that giving them free reign to find any and all things wrong, there would be a list. To our surprise, they called back and said that NOTHING was wrong. Here was a chance for them to rack up a big hefty bill, but instead they were honest. I have never wrote a positive review for a company before, but Maple Auto's professionalism and honesty is something that everyone should know about!!! My advice, bring your cars to Maple Auto!