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Katz Brothers Inc

By RM on Wed 05 February 2014

The men working at Katz Brothers were very nice. However I have not been pleased with their service. I called on a Saturday to ask if they could do a job for me and was told it would take about 3-4hrs but they could do it on Monday. I let them know I did not have a vehicle so would have to wait for the job, they said no problem-it would only take a few hours and they were located near the library & shops downtown so I would have things to do for the few hours it took them to do the job. Monday I brought the vehicle in around 9am. I ended up renting a car but they did not know that. I never even received a call from Katz on Monday. If I had not rented a car I would have been stuck walking around Vicksburg all afternoon, and stranded there that night with my 3yr old. I did try calling Monday before closing but their phone was continuously busy I never got through. Tuesday morning I called expecting my car to be finished (since they had said it was a 3hr job). I was informed they had meant to call me but didn't. They had not done any work on my vehicle. I told them what I wanted done (again) and that I needed the vehicle by the end of the day so I could go on a trip Wednesday morning. I got a call 15min before they closed - which meant I did not get my car as I live 20min away. Picked the vehicle up on Wednesday to a charge over $200 more than they had originally told me repairs would cost. They replaced my fan belt without asking, which cost an additional $65 plus labor. They could have easily called & asked & I could have said I had had the belt looked at about a week ago & did not want it changed, but they did not. I will not be using this company again, nor do I recommend them for car repairs. It was unprofessional of them to not call even though they had said they would after a couple of hours on Monday, and ridiculous that they spent my money replacing something I did not authorize them to replace.