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Greg's Collision Center & Auto Sales Inc.

By rita on Wed 05 February 2014

brought my car in to have brake work done and an oil change, dropped it off on a Friday and was told it would be done later in the day. Got a call at work saying it wouldn't be done, and since I had no other transportation and my housekey was on my keychain, I would have to make arrangements to come after work and meet someone at the shop to get my key and a loaner car to get home. My friend dropped me off from work on a COLD and windy night but not before asking me if I would be OK..I told her someone was coming and I'd be fine. TWO HOURS later I'm still standing there freezing and calling the number that "Brad" gave me, only he wasn't answering his phone. I got in contact with a friend of mine and asked her to see if they had a tow truck service and call them to tell the owner of the business ( they would know how to get in touch with him) to please come down and let me have my housekey and the loaner car that was promised. Meanwhile the police show up and ask me why I'm standing in front of this business at 1:30 in the morning. I don't think he believed me until the owner finally shows up after getting out of bed and getting dressed to come down there. The owner NEVER apologized once on what had happened, he said "Brad must have forgot" and with that I signed insurance papers and got my house key and loaner car key. Not until I got across the bridge to head home did I realize the car was on empty....and no gas stations open from that point and all the way home....I made it by the grace of God and called the next day to see if my car was done....this went on for 4 business days and finally was finished the next Wednesday. I went to pick up my car and I asked Brad why he didn't show up that night...he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say "So what"....neither him, or the owner of Greg's ever apologized. Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a business and it's owner....go anywhere but here, they could care less about their customers.