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By RCC on Wed 05 February 2014

RCC I am a Porsche owner who is very fussy and have had several experiences with Richard at Alpine Motor Cars after receiving a recommendation from a fellow member of PCA. The first experience was the recommendation, purchase and installation of a new top for my '95 Carrera Cabriolet. This was a first class job using a first class product which was a top from GAHH Company. The install is tight, squeak and wind noise free and the cleanup was impeccable and I am not an easy grader. As a completely unexpected bonus Richard noted to me my oil pressure gauge was pegged all the time and likely needed a new sending unit. It turned out he was spot on as I tackled this job myself. He even coached me over the phone through the use of a correct tool to remove the sending unit when I was stumped. This showed me that he really cared about the cars and the owners. The next thing that came up was several months later when my Porsche started gushing oil on the garage floor. It turned out that the exhaust side valve cover gaskets had hardened and needed replacing. This job was done promptly, on time and for a little less than the quote. Perhaps the most important thing was that I took the opportunity to watch Richard work and was very impressed with his calm, patient and meticulous work style. This is not a common trait. Richard is a treasure for Porsche owners who want quality work at a fair price..