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Bavarian Autohouse

By Rayray on Wed 05 February 2014

Hello, I would like to share my expirence with bavarian autohause of Visalia, ca. I called to schedule a tranny flush & stated if I need to leave the car overnight, they said no just to bring it in the morning and they'll have it done before they close. Soi took it in the morning to drop it off & told the sales manager to call me ASAP when it's done. So I waited at home & never got a call, I finally called at five to check the progress knowing they close at 5:30pm. The man who answered the phone had no clue about my car and went to check on it. He informed me that the mechanics went home and that my car wasn't done & needed to stay overnight to cool. I told him that I offered to do that the night before but was told it wasn't necessary and now my car is stuck in your shop and I have to go to work (graveyard shift) out of town. He said sales and mechanics know different things. I say BS, how unprofessional is it to make appt without knowing how long something takes? All they said was sorry, but sorry doesn't get me to work. So I had to call off work for the night putting me in a bad spot. So I waited till the next day to get my car out, figured they would call when it's done after all the problems they caused me, WRONG again. I called around 2:30 pm and they said it was done. I went in was told sorry a few times, none sincere at all. They did not care and did nothing to make it right, no discounts, no nothing. I have to say I am sorely disappointed with them, and to think the tranny flush cost $30 more than the dealer! You will not save money here, their prices match the dealer and in some cases exceed them. So find yourself a good Indy or go dealer.