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Kost Tire and Auto Service

By ralphrobbedme on Wed 05 February 2014

understand that i wrote to the president of the company, "Edwin Kost" and he doesn't even respond. Apparently, he approves of his dealers ripping off women. clearly this sex discrimination. the manager even told the mechanic to look into my file to see what kind of customer i was, because he ripped me off so badly, and knew i would not come back. I went to Kost tire in Honedale for the third time since i moved to PA. \once for inspection, and funnjy thing is, i needed 2 light bulbs, just like the inspection before me, just needed 2 light bulbs. what a coincidence. and even funnier, is that they replaced them and they weren't safety bulbs, but interior bulbs, which has nothing to do with passing inspection, just boosting the sale. next i went to them for a couple tires. they were ok with that. this time, the alternator was going, so i made an appointment, knowing full well i couldn't leave the vehicle for the entire day, and loose a days work. I was assured when i arrived, the part was in, and it would be taking care of shortly, and i'd be on my way. The stated price was 294.00 complete. I expected them to add sales tax to that. after about 3 hours, i asked the manager how much longer this might be. i could see, they had taken my vehicle apart and lef t the part sitting on the hood. mechanic, walked away, and vanished. i'm told he took the mechanic off my vehicle to work on something else because he knows how to put a cog in a wheel.. 4-1/2 hours later (four and one half hours) i asked again, and i'm told, just a minute, he's almost done. i started pacing. this is insane. i've lost an entire days work for a 1 hour repair. finally, the mechanic is permitted back to my vehicle, and 9 minutes later, my vehicle is bacjed out into the parking lot and done. so yes, they held me up for 4-1/2 hours, over 9 minutes of work. and do realize that while i sat around in their unusually cold waiting area, people walked in and out without appointments, and their vehicles were fixed and sent on there way. now that's not all of it. manager won't give me a total, but puts his hand out for my debit card. he mumbles, and takes the card out of my hand and hands me a reciept to sign. it's for 491.00. that's a long way from 294.00 complete. now i've writtren a letter to the president of the company. i want my money back. i'd like to be inbursed for my loss of income. I closed my business to sit and wait an hour for my vehicle that day. I made an appointment so i wouldn't have to wait an extensive amount of time. no excuse, other then the typical, " what does SHE know"? if your new in town like me, avoid Kost Tire at any expense. they are not trustworthy, honest, or reliable. they will rob you blind, and say screw you as you walk out the door. the manager "Ralph" can not be trusted. much less anyone beneath or above him