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Firestone Complete Auto Care

By Peppi on Wed 05 February 2014

I wonder why the tire manager at Firestone on Voss Road tried to run game and he used his "smooth talk" over me to try to have me get an alignment when I just asked them to clean my ful injectors?? What the hell does cleaning fuel injectors have to do with needing an alignment, especially when My tires were only 4 days old? He couldn't have used my tires to have made a sale by telling me my tires were worn. What is it these days? Are ppl desperate for money? I would have actually been had, as a woman, had I not known better. Ladies, get multiple opinions if you have to before agreeing to get something fixed! I just had an alignment 2 weeks prior. I had my car for almost 6 years and only had one alignment done on it ever. I was told that I really didn't need an alignment so the guy from another shop did other little things for me. Beware of the technicians at Firestone on Voss @ Westheimer!