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Andy's High Tech Auto Repair

By Paula Cannon on Wed 05 February 2014

I have a 2008 bmw and and something was wrong with my car it wouldn't start, so I called a towing and I got to Andy's Hi-Tech, I thought they are really high tech but when I got there, the shop was looking like a JUNK YARD so I was skeptical about this but I let them to fix it any way.. (That was my biggest mistake) after two days I went to pick up the car I start the car was working great. and I paid $2.100 for that problem but I was happy because the car was working I was happy until the next morning. the car broke down again I was pissed of so I took the car to a bmw dealership and they told me that my previous mechanic has taken parts out of the car. at a dealership I paid $900 and they gave me warranty and the car is running great and I don't have a problem at all. don't be fooled by a name or a price.. go fix your car somewhere else. I will NEVER fix my car there.