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Brittain's Automotive

By none on Wed 05 February 2014

My daughter took her 1996 ford ranger to Brittains Highland service for a coolant leak problem, after she had left the vehicle with them the mechanic called her and said that the water pump was leaking and needed replaced. She ok'd the work. When she went to pick up the vehicle they told her that they had found the belt tensioner was bad and that they had replaced it also. total bill was $427.50. She picked up the vehicle at about 5:30 pm after work and began driving home, then she noticed the temperature gauge was in the red and then moved back to cold several times in the 1 1/2 miles she drove it. She called the mechanic the next morning to take it back, that afternoon he called and said that it was ready and that the problem was that the system was air locked. Any mechanic that knows anything about vehicles should know that when you evacuate a cooling system that there is a possibility of air lock and there are certain steps that should be taken to prevent it and to correct it. FLAG NO. 1. After another day at his shop he called her and told her that it was ready to come and pick it up, cost: $0:00 as it should be. The next morning when she went to her vehicle to go to work she noticed a line of coolant under the vehicle again,FLAG NO.2, she called Brittains and told them what the deal was and she would be bringing it back for the repair that should have been done the first time. She took the truck in and about 2 hrs later they called her and told her that it was actually the tank on the radiator that was leaking, so she had them repair the radiator, after keeping the vehicle over the weekend she paid them another $218.58 on Monday and picked up the vehicle. The next morning when she went out to the truck to go to work she noticed a stream of coolant under the truck again. THREE STRIKES YOUR OUT. When she called Brittains about it they told her that it was the radiator repair shops fault and not theirs. I am in contact with the mechanic now and will probably be in court before it over. In my opinion, this guy should be flipping burgers and not working on vehicles. Very, very poor service, would not recommend this shop for bicycle repair. I will rate this shop a 1 because there is nothing lower.