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410 Machine Service

By nobodyishere on Wed 05 February 2014

I had my engine rebuilt and installed by 410 machine and not only did it take almost 6 months to even hear from them on the status, they gave me the run around on why it wasn't finished for another 2 months and only acknowledged I was serious when i threatened to cancel the payment. When i received the vehicle back with the "new" motor in it, i was surprised to find that they reused most of the bolts on a motor that i just spent almost 5500 dollars on. Upon further inspection, i found out they over torqued two of the intake bolts, breaking them and put gasket filler in them to cover it up. On top of it all, it had extreme stalling and fuel delivery problems and the engine leaked oil like nobodies business. I'm still working on these issues today and i refuse to take it to them and let them touch it again. I'm extremely angry with how everything went down and I wouldn't recommend these people to anyone. They treated me like i was shit on the bottom of their boot. I payed a high price for a crappy investment and i hope you stay away from 410 machine so you don't make the same expensive mistake i did.