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Urne's Auto Service

By Nic on Wed 05 February 2014

BEWARE! The owner of this auto mechanic shop is unprofessional, dishonest, and does amateur work. I went to pick my car up from this shop after he had it for 3 weeks. Upon leaving I immediately felt my vehicle shaking and pulling so hard that it was almost uncontrollable. I told him my issue and he advised me to bring the car back to the shop the next day so he could finish the job, why he told me the car was ready to be picked up when it clearly wasn't is beyond me. When I took the car back he was completely unprofessional and told me he didn't have time to fix my car. Needless to say, my vehicle is in no driving condition and he has already been paid. I am in the process of suing him for my money back! He is a con!