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AAMCO of Port Charlotte

By nancyhatesaamco on Wed 05 February 2014

This was my experience with Aamco. On October 26th at around 7:45 am my car broke down at my home. I felt that Aamco had a national reputation I could feel comfortable with and feel like I had recourse should anything go awry. He assured me that they would look into the head gasket option and give me an estimate. Aamco also said it would need authorization for $500 to “tear it down” I said no I wanted to talk to my friends and family. Aamco then called me back the next day (26th) to say that they had looked (ANYWAY) and quoted me $300 more to fix and have the heads machined “if they needed it” than to install a new engine w/ a 6 mo warrantee installed. I told Aamco that I loved my car but I only paid 2400 for it and wanted a written estimate (over 3000 more than the value car) and I wasn’t sure it was worth it I would have to talk to some people. Picked up the estimate Wed which only quoted the new engine plus the additional work I had told him I MAY want if I decide on the engine repair (brake pads and a portion of my exhaust being replaced). Aamco owner called me again with “so I can go ahead and order the engine it has to come from NC” “NO” I said again. At this point Aamco’s manner became aggressive and demeaning. Contacted several other Aamco branches and corporate and they admitted that this was bad practice yet no one would stand up to the owner of this franchise I have never given authorization for more than an estimate. I have not furnished any personal information other than my Name, phone number and maybe my address or whatever info was on the towing document through my insurance co. I did not authorize for him to pull the engine. He never furnished an estimate for any work other than a new engine in writing and when pressed cannot show or provide any info on the heads themselves how many are bad and to what extent as of the writing of this on 11/1/11. Never once have I signed anything or even been inside the walls of the Aamco shop. I authorized no work - no work was done other than pulling the engine which by the mangers own admission was “his personal decision”. Essentially, I am being held hostage because the manger made a bad call and now isn’t capable of being professional or law abiding in regard to his business practice. I want my car back in the condition I DELIVERED it to him. There is no confidence that he will be forthright in the future. I have hired a lawyer at this point and as of this post it is still not resolved. You decide.