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Midas Muffler & Brakes

By mweaver on Wed 05 February 2014

I gave my daughter this week a coupon for an Oil Change that was printed out from Safeway. She went in and had the oil change done, and they boasted they would do an all point check of the car too. She had what she thought was a squeaky belt and asked if they could check that out. They told her she needed new belts and a new battery. Hmmmmmmmm. I'm thankful my daughter didn't trust them and took her car the next day over to the Toyota Dealership. The only problem was that it needed a new air filter. Now how could Midas who told her it would be close to $150 for a new battery and belt change which was not the cause of the noise, and not see that the air filter was plugged if they did an all point check with the oil change? Be cautious of the horrible place of business who tried to take full advantage of a young woman only 26 who wouldn't have known better and thank God she did not trust their so called diagnosis. They would have nailed her for belts and a battery that was not bad and just replaced the inexpensive air filter at that time without mention to her. I think this warrants being reported to the Better Business Bureau. They should be able to give a negative star rate option for being crooks. Mary Weaver