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Kelley's Auto Repair

By MusicBoy on Wed 05 February 2014

My car would not start due to (what I thought) was a bad starter. The driver who towed my car to Kelley's even told me that it needed a starter. However, Kelley's determined that the wires to the starter needed to be replaced, not the starter itself. Rather than charge $350 for a starter replacement, Kelley's charged me a mere $80 for the rewiring. Any other repair shop would have replaced the starter, either because they are crooks or incompetent. This is a true story, not the usual story made up by the owner posing as a customer. I have had many similar, money-saving experiences with Kelley's. Trust me , it is hard to find a repair shop as honest as Kelley's. I also think that Dave's, at 100 Red Lion Road, is relatively honest, but they charge two to three times as much as Kelley's does for the same job, in my experience. Kelley's is always busy due to their legendary integrity, so you must make an appointment to see them. Dave's will usually fix your car the same day, so go to them if money is no object and you need the repair immediately.