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Hilton Auto Repair Inc

By miguelruitort on Wed 05 February 2014

I do not recommend this mechanic to ANYONE! My car was towed to his shop on Sunday, January 10 2010. Monday, January 11, 2010 Hilton, "the owner", told me the head gasket was blown on my 1992 toyota camry le.He gave me an estimate of 900.00. I was in urgent need for that car to be repaired "HAD" two jobs at 2 different airports. Hilton told me that the car would be ready by no later than Monday, January 18. January 26 i recieve a phone call from Hilton saying the motor was blown with a hole in the block about 3.5 inches in diameter in wich i had gone to the shop to see for my self. ridicoulous mistake he made. told me i was going to need another lower half of the motor. nothing but attitude from this guy after that day. he did not want me calling him. He told me he would call when the car would be ready. so i left him alone.Wednesday, Febuary 24 was the day it was ready. 7 WEEKS LATER! still charged me 400.00 more. total amount of 1300.00 Gave me the car without rewellding the exhuast, after he cut it.Wenesday April 7, 2010 the car broke down again.Car was towed to his shop on April 8, 2010.told me it was the distributor, charged me 350.00 more. called me monday april 13 to come pick up the car. distributor was not the problem. The second piston rod had completely snapped making a loud knocking sound wich was completely obvious.charge me another 240.00 for a crankshaft. Once again he told me he would have it done ASAP. lost both of my jobs, moved to orlando 2 weeks ago, and left the car in his shop for him to finish fixing it. the car is still there!!!! He lies, and does not run a proffesional, respectfull shop. I REPEAT, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MECHANIC TO ANYONE!!