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Atlantic Auto Group

By mighty on Wed 05 February 2014

I put a $1000 deposit for a new 2012 Passat back in early Sept 2011. I figured since we had to wait anyways, why not get what I want in options. I was told about 6-8 weeks for delivery and was told to call in a about 4 weeks to get a status update. I called and was told John Park (sales Manager) was going to handle my sale, and my order was delayed and delviery was to be expected sometime late Dec. I patiently waited making a few calls in between for a status update. I called the week before Christmas was was told the car might be here early and will get a call back. Well no call back, so I waited and finally called and found out John was on vacation. I left a message for him to call me back after the holidays. I received no call back. I called several times and was given the run around for about 2 weeks. I finally received a call the second week in Jan and was told my car arrived early and for some reason it was sold to someone else. Well I was not happy. The only thing John offered for the mistake was to order a new car and wait 3 months and this time it wont be sold. I did not agree. I told hi to find me another car and call me back. Well in the end I ended up getting a my almost exact car a week after from another dealer. After, John called me back saying he found a car for me. I told him since he couldn't compensate for the mistake I bought a car from someone else. John just said ok and hung up. I felt like I was more of a bother then a customer. Atlantic lost a paying customer and I will never buy a car from them, and I will never recommend the dealer. If the sales manager treated a customer like this, I can only imagine how the rest of the staff are. I gave 1 star because there is no option for zero star. Similar review submitted to other top sites