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Best Choice Auto & Body

By Melissa B on Wed 05 February 2014

Honest. Honest. Honest! Steve made my day!!! Three years ago, I had a very minor fender bender. The following summer I noticed my air conditioner didn't work. I took it in to Pep Boys to get a quote for the fix and they said I would basically need a new air conditioner. They quoted me $2300. Dissatisfied with the price, I got two more quotes for $700 and $1200. When I arrived at Best Choice Auto & Body I was skeptical with what Steve he told me. He said that a tube in my air conditioner looked as if it was pulled loose. He said that the only way a tube gets loose like that is if it is messed with it. In other words, someone OBVIOUSLY tampered with it. He was able completely fix my A/C for $200. Either the two other guys who quoted me missed the obvious problem or they were in on the scam. Steve - I am a loyal customer and will recommend you to everyone! Thank you!