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Car Doctor

By Matthew on Wed 05 February 2014

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THE CAR DOCTOR!!!! I had to have some work done on my 2002 volvo that called for a special lock on my lug nut, nobody in pueblo had this key. Had to drive to Colorado Springs to get this key an I had to put a 200 dollar deposit just to borrow the key. I took the car doctor this special key. Being certified i thought they would know what they were doing. the mechanic's at the car doctor took a impact drill to this key an completely ruined it!!!! I had to replace the key witch costs 80 dollars. The car doctor didn't even get my wheels off of my car, they said they worked around them. well a day later after they worked on my volvo ( they replaced some sway bar links of something) I started hearing rattling on my sway bar so i took it to another mechanic to get a second look, an they said the car doctor didn't tighten my sway bars right so they were loosing more an more every time i drove it witch was dangerous, I have 2 kids. Since then I haven't been back an NEVER will there a complete RIP OFF!!!!!! Word to the Wise don't go to the Car Doctor on 4th Street!!