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Dave's Transmission

By Masterkey on Wed 05 February 2014

Wut a joke for an auto shop, if you want to call it that. I had all this work done in September of 20011. It is now 2012 and what do u know I have ran into an issue that could have been resolved then, but the mechanic said that it wasn't a priority, under the premis that it would save me "a little bit of money". Wut a joke. This guy, who I believe runs that dump told me in September that my left wheel barring was not in horrible shape, but not to worry about it. It wasn't as bad as the other one, which needed to be done right away. Well, low and behold, the left wheel barring has went bad and now all of the brakes, caliper, caliper pins, rotors, and pads need to be replaced. Oh, and he wants to charge me another $440 to do it. Oh, and just another little tid bit about the work this place does, not even a week had went by and after I had spent almost $1000 dollars with this guy, the back rear rotor and pads caught fire while my fiance was at work. DO NOT go to Daves Transmissions, they are no where near the type of place is used to be when Dave worked there. The people they got running it now are nothing but scam artisits and con artisits.