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Aamco Transmission

By martin on Wed 05 February 2014

I have been to this aamaco 3 times and have been rather impressed with there honesty and profesionalism. the first time i had a leaking intake manifold gasket. the car had only 300 miles on it and Tim informed me that my warrantycompany may take issue with the fact that i had only had the used car for a week and my best bet was to take it back to the dealer as paying for the repair would most likely have to be paid for by them. so in the end the dealer towed the car back to their garage and fixed it for free (the tech even offered to drive me home because it was raining and i was worried i would damage the engine if i continued to drive it). aamaco obviously lost a sale however they saved me a substantial amout of money. the 2nd time i was there my engine was misfiring. i under the empression i needed new plugs and wires and told aamaco thats what i believed i needed.however i was pleasently suprised when the told me i only need plugs and that there was no need to pay for wires. so i paid much less than i was expecting to. the third time i was there was because i noticed that my one rear tire was sticking out further than the other and i told them i was conserned about a bad shock or wheel bearing. they looked at the car (for free) and informed me that everything was fine and all i needed was a 4 wheel alignment. this was a service that they dont provide and suggested a shop i could go to to have the service done. most shops would have told me that i needed everything under the sun and sold me parts and services that i didnt need however this is NOT the case with aamaco. they have been very polite honest and resonable in price. i highley recommened them