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Brock's Car Care

By MacDaddyPat on Wed 05 February 2014

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY SERVICE AND REASONABLE PRICES! I brought my 2002 Tahoe in 30 minutes before closing and the mechanic was very profesional and patient, he even test drove my Tahoe and diagnosed the problem right then. The gentleman behind the counter went ahead and ordered the replacement part. The next day everything happened like BROCK'S said it would. They called us and my wife took the Tahoe in to be repaired. BROCK'S was even nice enough to give her a ride home rather than making her wait at the shop. The mechanic got right on the repair and later that afternoon my wife got a call that the Tahoe was ready. No delays and no excuses. BROCK'S sent a car to pick up my wife at home. The bill was very reasonable. No hidden fees We are on a limited income and the bill was affordable. BROCK'S did not try to sell us a tire alignment or anything else we didn't ask for. I would recommend this auto shop over the others in the area. No, I'm not a relative of Mr. Brock and this is not a planted review. My review is sincere and honest! Would I go back to BROCK'S, you better believe it and without hesitation! Check the competition, but go with a winner...BROCK'S Auto Car Care Center. My wife even said that BROCK'S is female customer friendly!