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By lula_bell on Wed 05 February 2014

These people are the worst mechanics ever. They took my vehicle for a problem that should have taken three days to fix, according to them. They kept my car for three weeks! They kept stalling (which I believe was because they had no idea on how to fix my problem) and instead of telling me that I may need to go elsewhere (because God forbid that he doesn't pull out all of your money from your pocket), he messed my vehicle up to the point where I had to have everything that he did & MORE redone for 1000's of dollars more! I have heard that all of his mechanics are quitting on him (this from our local parts store) and has lied about the things he put into my vehicle and doesn't care that he ruins your car! I've heard it's because his other mechanics quit; that's probably because of his business practices. He tore my car up and tried to cover it up with lube. He gave me a quote to fix 1 problem for $850 and I went and had it fixed by a real mechanic for $52, labor and all! He is very shady and tells lies constantly; please be very careful if you plan to use him and make sure that YOU know that these things need to be replaced first; I'm not a mechanic and I trusted him and now I have been out of a vehicle for many months and have spent 1000's (yes, 1000's) of dollars more trying to resolve HIS problem that he caused!