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Toy Auto Clinic, LLC

By lucia1 on Wed 05 February 2014

I have a 2007 Toyota Prius and I used to get it serviced at the dealership. I have not heard great things about the Toyota dealers in this area and a friend recommended Toy Auto Clinic. I have had bad experiences with mechanics in the past, haven't we all, but Brian at Toy Auto Clinic is personable and helpful. His prices are better than the dealership and I really felt like he listened to me and asked the right questions. He took the time to look the car over while I was there and answer my concerns and questions. He didn't have the part on site and had to get it from a dealer because Prius parts are still hard to find, but he had it at his shop in the time it took me to walk down the street and have lunch. (at most half an hour) Prior to this repair, I called to find out if it was something they could do because everyone was telling me I HAD to go to the dealer for a Prius repair, but he was helpful and answered my questions and told me to come in any time. I didn't feel that I was getting the brush off that dealers often give you on the phone. Great service, friendly, helpful, great prices. Even though this is a little far from my house, this is where I am taking my car for all repairs from now on!