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Clayton's Expert Auto Care

By louie on Wed 05 February 2014

The single most ridiculous, horrific experience I ever had with an auto repair shop. I dropped my car off on Monday, and was told the part was on back order and it would take a couple days for it to come in. I called on Friday to check, no answer, tried to call on Saturday, no answer. Finally spoke to somone on Monday who said they hadnt been contacted about the part. I had to ask for them to track the package. Which they said they would and would call me back. I received no return call. So I called back again. They said they would check and call me back I explained at this time I would need to make other arrangements as I needed my vehicle. They again said they would need to call and find out where the part is. After several hours I went to just pick up the car and take it elsewhere. They charged me a fee of $30 to look at the car. They said it would have been not charged upon completion of the job. I reluctantly paid the fee. Now the worst part, I was able to take it to a different garage, Sparks on 170 who was able to complete the job next day for 1/2 the cost. Oh, and it was a switch for a windshield wiper that was broke, I could imagine if it was a serious problem you needed fixed. Don't walk, run away from these guys. Liked: Disliked: