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MDL Auto Services

By Kinia on Wed 05 February 2014

Women Beware! I was referred to this business by my son, I took my 2002 mustang here to have brakes repaired and wires replaced, I kept asking that they check out my entire car because I heard something funny while driving.. I took both wires and brakes with me because I wanted the best products on my car. I was pleasantly surprised when I was called back on a saturday morning telling me that my car was ready for pick up. I had just dropped it off on Friday evening before they closed, so the turn around time was great.... I thought. I spoke to Daniel the owner as I was leaving he told me that he'd changed the wires and brakes and that all was good. NOT! I was driving a rental so I had to wait for a ride to pick up the car, but I went over to pay for car and pick up my keys. I never checked the car. The next day my daughter and I went to pick up car and as soon as I got in the car, I put my foot on the brake and the pedal went all the way to the floor. The place was closed and I thought that maybe they didn't refill the brake fluid. I made a huge mistake, I left with my car in the rain. Brakes never worked, they were now worse than when I brought it in. I was advised to go ahead and get my brakes changed because they were low by another place that did my oil change. Honestly, I never felt that i needed the brakes, but I'm not a mechanic so I got right on it. I go home, very slow and decided that I needed to go home in the rain and get fluid in the morning. Get to the advanced auto the next morning and the lady tell me that I don't need fluid, she showed me that it was full. She advised me not todrive the car but I was down the street from my job, I live 6 min from my job , so again I drove in the rain and by the grace of God I got there safely. I called MDL and told them what happened when they opened, Daniel the owner asked if I could drive it back, I said no, it was too dangerous. He asked if I needed a tow, I said yes because I couldn't drive it. (second okie doke about to happen) The tow got there at 10am, I hadn't heard anything back by 2 so I called, and was told that they had ordered a master cylinder and was waiting for it to be delivered. Again I am not a mechanic and no one called to explain any of this to me, the receptionist seemed okay by this point, but why wouldn't she seem okay, right? I question what does that have to do with the brake problem and she explained that it was a part of the brakes. I told her that since they had picked up my car, this was my only way home and when they return my car. She said that she would call me back when they were finished. 4:15 no call, I called back again. The receptionist now tell me that they received the wrong parts and were waiting for new part to arrive, at this point I wanted to know if I was being charged for this since 1) no one called to tell me that they had found another problem other than what I brought it in for 2) no one asked if I was willing to pay whatever the charge was 3) no one bothered to call me about ANYTHING! I had to keep calling them. She informed me that I would have to pay and that I was responsible for getting myself back out there to get the car. I asked in the beginning for them to check my entire car.what is wrong with these people? NOW you tell me that you found something else AFTER I've paid and you left the car fixed? REALLY? Any other time I would have accepted this but the attitudes were getting worse from her, she put some mechanic on the phone who said that when he parked my car outside that the brakes worked perfect and that in fact I HAD DONE SOMETHING TO THE CAR! An argument between myself and the mechanic proceeded and I asked to speak back to the receptionist after telling him to just put it on and I was going to pay for it but I wasn't happy about it because they never mentioned other problems when I paid for the service, they left the car with no brakes and allowed me to remove that car in an unsafe state. I won't even bother you with the tow truck fee I had to pay, this whole event will be on very soon. WARNING to EVERYONE do not use a business that does not stand behind their work. I paid only $45 to have brakes replaced since I brought my own brakes, but please understand that in this case I GOT WHAT I PAID FOR : BAD SERVICE + BAD ATTITUDE + BAD OWNER + LIARS + BAD RECEPTIONIST= MDL Auto services