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Cronin Ford Inc

By katyfleek on Wed 05 February 2014

I originally thought this sales team seemed knowledgable and spot on. I was severely mistaken. After driving three hours to purchase a vehicle (2011 Kia Sorento EX) that was listed on their internet inventory and confirmed by TWO sales employees via phone, I arrive to their dealership to learn that I was victim to a misfortune that happens "several times a year." Apparently Their marketing team is not on location and makes errors of advertising vehicles and vehicle features that are non-existant. Since I was pre-approved, had driven myself and my family three hours to their dealership, I decided to purchase a brand new 2012 Kia Sorento instead. They offered me $500 less on my trade in then what other Kia dealerships had, but I went with it as I had just wasted three hours driving up there. Their tax and titling office/sales floor communication, or lack there of, misinformed us on out taxing costs that we typically should have been exempt from as an active duty military family. In talking with sales floor, sales managers and even store managers all we have received is a big OH WELL THATS MISFORTUNATE. What a horrible way to treat customers, beginning to end. Do not waste your time with this dealership. I should also add that Kia corp. advised me to talk to the dealership owner, Patrick Cronin regarding my now formal complaint. Apparently the buck stops with Eric, the dealership's general manager. He gets to decide if me, as a customer who just spent over $28,000 at Patrick Cronin's dealership, gets to speak to Mr. Cronin or not. He said that I was not allowed to talk to Mr. Cronin regarding my issues with their sale. He also noted that Mr. Cronin would not want to talk to me anyway since I left negative online feedback. What a great way to treat paying customers. This dealership is nothing more than a communist dictatorship.