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Chapman BMW collision center

By karen on Wed 05 February 2014

Unfortunately I've been in a few accidents, so I know how all this works, yes, the initial Ins. estimate usually goes up as they don't have the car apart yet. So the reviewers above are fortunate to think this is a rare thing. They took a reasonable amount of time (1 month) on my repairs as it was rather serious damage, I would rather it be done right than rushed. My insurance pays for this and my rental, rental coverage is very important lol, so ins has to approve the repairs the body shop is requesting before they proceed, there is no room for getting ripped off. Second of all they are BMW certified, so they can't ghetto rig the repairs, so if you're paying out of pocket and looking for cheap quick fixes this is probably not the right place for you, but being a BMW owner that's not for me. The staff was nice enough, but being that I've been there a couple times now, seem a bit friendlier haha. My car came out great both times, except this time needing an adjustment with one of my lights, which they did right then. So thanks for taking care of my baby Chapman! Karen P. "ask questions...knowing is growing"