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Complete Automotive Repair

By Js111305 on Wed 05 February 2014

The subframe on my car rotted out back in April. Being a AAA member, I had them send me a tow truck. The tow truck was sent from Complete Automotive Repair. After bringing me back to their shop, they gave me a diagnosis on the damage and I gave them the go ahead to replace the subframe. All in all, it cost me over $800 for them to "fix" my car. A few days later, I had my car looked at by the mechanics at Hyundai, and they informed me that the body shop who replaced my subframe had actually replaced it with another rotted subframe. And not only was there a three inch rotted hole in the part, but had I hit a pot hole, the subframe could have snapped again, resulting in a possible accident. And upon further inspection of my vehicle, it was concluded that the shop had also damaged my steering knuckle. So I had to pay another $900 to have that replaced as well. I contacted the owner of Complete Automotive Repair, John, to try and get my money back for the faulty subframe he installed in my car, as well as the money I layed out for the new knuckel they broke, and he was completely uncooperative. He was only willing to reimburse me $400, and told me to blame Hyundai and the junk yard he obtained the sub frame from. He took no responsibility for his actions. And I am now left with no other option but to file a lawsuit. I wouldn't recommended anyone to use this garage. They are completely unprofessional and treat their customers very poorly. What they did was completely illegal. They ripped me off and tried to pull one over on a vulnerable woman. They could have killed me. And show no remorse for what they did.