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I D M Auto Repairs

By JohnQPublic on Wed 05 February 2014

I have used this shop over the years for many jobs. When I first started going there he promised a flat rate of $57 and not a book rate. Well the last couple jobs I have had done I was in a hurry and didn't shop him and was raped on price. When I checked repair pal on this heater core he raped me on it was $200 more than the GM dealership would have been. I have sent Dewayne over $15k in referrals in the last 2 years and this is how I am thanked. When I asked for a refund for the difference I was ignored completley. I will never go back and will make sure the many customers I have sent there no to hold onto their wallets too. Final comment is I have never recieved a receipt and he has 2 full time employees too. I wonder if he ever pays the sales tax he charges and I wonder if the employees have any taxes paid either.