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Alliance Heritage Auto Services

By Joel on Wed 05 February 2014

I went to this shop for an alignment on a mustang. Call them and made an appointment to get this done, got there the day of and car went in 15 minutes after appointment time (that was ok with me). Fast service got out of there 45 minutes later as promise. Called them the next day to say alignment was not right and needed to go back, so again made an appointment for two days later. Got there 20 minutes early for my appointment and checked in. 15 minutes after my appointment a different truck went into the alignment bay and it took over an hour to get align, ask the guy behind the counter when my car was going to be done, he went to ask the mechanic, and with me standing there the mechanic told him why did he put that truck in for alignment in a 45 minute spot because they usually take 1 and a half hours to do (50s truck). So I asked for my keys and just left. I will not go back and will ask that Discount tire not recommend this shop. Went to Jeffery’s Automotive Supercenter and got great service, car went in five minutes after appointment time and was complete as promised. Car is running straight and true. Also, I waited over a month to post so that I would not be one of those guys that is posting out of anger. Please do not try to contact me; I will consider this as a 30 dollar lesson learned.