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Hunter Nissan Lincoln Mercury

By jim dangle on Wed 05 February 2014

I'll never look here again for a vehicle. Met Dale Newman (salesman) at the Hendersonville Rd location during a sale. He advised that I'd be better of getting up with him the next week at the Spartanburg Rd location. Conataced him the folliwing Wednesday and was told that both trucks I was interested in were in Greenville, but he would have them in Hendersonville by Friday. We arranged to meet on Friday. Left work early and drove 30 minutes from Arden to look at the trucks. Dale wasn't there and neither were the trucks. I've got a paid off trade and cash to spend on the next vehicle. This guy must not work on commmission. I spoke to another guy who said that no arrangements had ever been made to get the trucks to that location. Haven't gotten an apology call from Dale either. They blew it and I won't buy here. Ever.