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Matt's Auto Workshop Inc

By JFSmathers on Wed 05 February 2014

Wow! If you are near Bennell, FL and need repairs or your car or truck, Boy, are you lucky! My wife and I were driving from Winter Haven, FL to Waynesville, NC, going up I-95 at 6AM when my battery light came on. I knew it was probably the alternator and got off at the first exit we came to which was Palm Coast. The only thing open at that hour was MacDonalds and when I asked some locals where a good mechanic hung out, the unanimous consensus of opinion was that I should turn around and drive south about ten miles to Matt's Auto Repair. I did and boy was I glad. We had to wait for Matt and his guys to open at 8 AM, but Kenny did a great job in an amazing short perod of time and we were back on the road with a new alternator within 2 hours. The total costs of installing the new part was less than $300. I just wish Matt and his boys lived a little closer to us, so we could be one of his many regulars.. If you take my advice and use Matt's services, you owe me one.... Jim Smathers [email protected]