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By jchapman850 on Wed 05 February 2014

long story short: these people are jerks!!! Went intending to buy a 97 honda that i had been looking at online the price was $2995. The man said " dont have anything wrong with it no leaks or anything" I walk back to the car look under and theres a puddle rub my finger through it and take it back to him and ask whats this? and he said "uhh i dont know" I said well can u look at the car and tell me and he clearly said " im not getting on my hands and knees and get dirty!" WTF why are you working at a garage????? He would not Budge on the price not even $5!! i then called my fiance to see what to do and this fool of a salesman leaves!! ! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! BASTARD!