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Goodyear Auto Services Center

By Jacki on Wed 05 February 2014

Goodyear is totally profit driven. Prior to 1996, when they automated (gave every part & labor a specific price) their pricing structure, their prices were solely at the discretion of the of the manager. At that time it was James. All you have to do is canvass the minority residents of Freeport & Roosevelt how they felt about their car bills & Goodyear's perceived service. The service manger has regular run-ins with customers. And if there was any money missing, or profit loss the manager would have an employee an employee pay, or sign a letter of resignation. At the Lawrence store it was Pat the manger, and Jerry the service manger who arranged prices. At one time Jerry sold four tires to two minority customers who paid Jerry with a phony traveler's check. Jerry later lied about the transaction stating "all I did was pull the tires". Pat decided to charge a Black employee (who was covering the desk) for $250, or half the cost of the bill. When the employee ask to see the receipt Pat TWICE denied him that civil right & hid the bill. The employee has been recently asked to participate in gathering evidence towards a possible New York Labor lawsuit against Pat & Goodyear for unfair labor practices. The same employee was also denied overtime pay by Pat. Is this an example of how Goodyear managers are trained?