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Clearfield Motors, Inc

By idriveacar on Wed 05 February 2014

"Wolves in sheep's clothing" is a pretty accurate statement to describe Clearfield Motors's staff! Never in my life have I been more offended by someone I've done business with. I was a customer for years but how did they treat me? I've been overcharged, spoken to with foul language, yelled at to my face, hung up on, car repo'd before payment, was due, personal belongings tossed in garbage bags, personal items then literally kicked aside, and threatened just to name few. All they care about is filling their own wallets! Look at one of the other reviews the person whom submitted a 5 star rating is named “Clearfield,” the name of the “business!” I also felt they were being racially prejudice when they mocked my accent. I wouldn’t recommend doing business with these untrustworthy swindlers to anyone.