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By helpinghand on Wed 05 February 2014

I was assisting my son in-law in having an idling problem diagnosed on a 2004 Honda CRV. Consult-a-Tech was recommended as a reliable and expert Honda repair service by another local business Barney's Tires of Temecula. I contacted Consult-a-Tech by phone on Monday 01/31/2011 at 8:30AM explained the problem and they said it sounded like a tune-up was needed and that they could start on the vehicle right away and have it diagnose within 30 min. and would be completely done in about 2 hours. The vehicle was in their position @ about 9:15 AM. I was the spokes person and represented the vehicle due to the fact that my son-in-law first language is not English. We left the vehicle and did not stay at the location. At 1 PM I called Consult-a-Tech and and spoke to Tim Doyle and he informed me that the vehicle is in the shop and in the process of being diagnosed. Since we were on foot and just around the corner we walk over to Consult-a-Tech and observed the vehicle had not moved. At this point I do blame myself for not getting the vehicle leaving immediately. After being seem on the property one of the mechanics came out and moved the car into the garage. At about 2 PM Tim Doyle informed me that the tune-up was complete everything was in tip top shape and we even checked the compression in the cylinders and everything was great! At this point I re-explained the slow idling, missing, and overheating at idle. The electric fans were inspected and both fans were somehow found to be completely useless and needed to be replaced. A phone call was made to an after market parts house we were told how lucky we were because the fan assembly module kit was $100.00 less expensive then the Honda dealer. But, they could not get the part until tomorrow morning. The quote was $175.00 for the fan module and about $200.00 labor some tax and would be just under $400.00. We agreed to the estimate and the time of the of the repair. Tim Doyle required a $200.00 deposit before we left, it was about 3:30 PM The next morning at about 9:00 AM My son-in-law brought the vehicle to Consult-a-tech and left it for the agreed upon repairs. Somehow the wrong fan model arrives and had only one fan instead of two and to obtain the right parts it would cost an additional $175.00. Consult-a-Tech decides to call my son-in-law who has never spoken to anyone at the shop but was there with me. Alex is not even the registered owner of the vehicle and has a language barrier. This is who Consult-a-Tech decide to call for the go ahead for the additional parts. Up until this point I have represented the vehicle in all repair authorization to be done to the vehicle. I am contacted by phone that the repairs are complete at 3 PM and interestingly I was informed to come pick-up the vehicle. I asked how the repairs went and the response was you must not have talked to your son-in-law. The story of two fans verses one fan, inapt parts houses, hard to understand parts list was the gist of the explanation. They informed me that they replace these fans all the time on Hondas, because it is an inherent problem with that make of vehicle and they are very familiar with it. The stories were interrupted on TWO occasions to reiterate that they had received permission to proceed from my son-in-law. The Consult-a-Tech personal are nice enough people and consoled me as they accepted the payment in full ($617.00) before releasing the vehicle. It saddens me that companies like this has resolved to such low tactics to achieve their monetary goals. I can only conclude that Consult-a-Tech and the parts house they do business with are NOT very knowledgeable or they are very, very Knowledgeable and know exactly what they are doing. As for my son-in-law welcome to America...