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Allstate Transmission

By Hell Razor Customs on Wed 05 February 2014

Matt Cantrell and his father David Cantrell are flat out crooks. They charge for new parts and use used parts. The money I gave Matt for parts on my car were never purchased. He delayed the building of the car for 5 years because he couldn't pay for the parts due to already spending the money. Everything he did do to the car was worthless and had to be redone by a competent mechanic. He destroyed the paint job on the car and damned near ripped the left fender off the car, as well as scratching it in several places to the primer. I tried getting my car back several times from him but he'd literally pull the rear end or the front end off the car so I couldn't get it on a trailer. Matt Cantrell should be checked on the internet and you'll find he's got a felony possession of methamphetamine over an ounce. His father David Cantrell has been to the penitentiary for embezzlement I believe but you can find this all out on Do NOT ever take a vehicle to this establishment. All in all I'm out over $100,000 on this car between depreciation etc.. I'm surprised these guys aren't in prison. When I picked up my car finally three other customers had to pick up their cars for the same reason. He used used parts, stole money, and about every word out of his mouth is a lie.