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Huntersville Ford

By Heather on Wed 05 February 2014

If you have a Ford in the Lake Norman area- the not too bright service department cashier at Huntersville Ford just admitted to us that even though we have a coupon for an $18 oil change (and wanted to pre-pay so we could pick it up tonight), it will cost a lot more because they WILL find something wrong with my car, and it WILL require "some parts" therefore I could give him my credit card number and he could charge us for whatever was wrong when they were finished fixing it. This was before he even saw my car. When we objected and told him that we were ONLY going to get an oil change and not authorize anything else I think he realized what he had just done and then he changed his mind and told us that we couldn't pre-pay because it was an insurance issue. When we asked to speak to the manager, the manager wouldn't speak to us, but did tell the cashier to go ahead and do it. I know that dealerships are generally dishonest, but not a great idea to have your employees admitting it to your customers and to have management hide in their offices when there is a problem.