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Budget A-1 Nationwide Transmission

By hc0660 on Wed 05 February 2014

*Total cost listed is without the cost of transmission, just labor and supplies.* Before I get to my main review, let me tell you two things: These guys sell gold in their shop in addition to fixing transmissions, and they love to try and up-sell their customers for additional repairs that really aren't needed while they're working on your car. I had just replaced my transmission fluid before bringing it in (part of my trouble shooting) and they insisted that I needed to have my system flushed anyway before putting in a new transmission which also requires new fluid! Really? I need to pay an extra $120 to have you flush it for a third time? What a joke! Review: Budget A-1 replaced a transmission on my SUV about 2 months ago. The new transmission never felt confident to begin with, but now I'm noticing stains on my driveway. Put it up on jacks and sure enough, the transmission is leaking like a sieve! Of all the seals it could come from, it's coming from the pan! If you know anything about this part, it's fairly straight forward to replace a seal on the pan and should ALWAYS be done any time it's opened. Either they used a bad (old) seal or they didn't torque my bolts properly! They had to have had this taken off for the install, so you can't tell me it came like that! I'd bring it back for them to fix, but unfortunately I can't trust them and I'm afraid they'll only make matters worse, so I'll be doing it myself this weekend. Thanks Budget A-1! Quality work...