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Meineke Car Care Center

By hb on Wed 05 February 2014

Be leary of this place. Owner did bait & switcharoo & told me lie. Rec'd phone quote front & rear brakes of $149.95 each axle, with 50% off coupon for brand name Wagner Thermo-Quiet Ceramic fr mgr & set apptmt for next morning. Manager called back to verify vehicle make/model & aptmt time & told me he was ordering the brakes that day. When I arrived the next day, owner present and he reluctantly agreed to honor the price quote. He did not have the brakes in stock & called a parts store & ordered the front brakes; and then told me straight-out that Wagner did not make the brakes for my rear, so they would not be available at all; I'd have to pick a different brake. Not believing him, I called local parts stores and found out that Wagner DOES make the brake for my rears (Toyota). I told him that they did make the rears; & he told me that if I wanted those rear brakes, I'd have to wait another day. Ended up replacing them with NAPA Ceramic brakes because the work needed 2 be done. no apology for outright lies.