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AJ's Auto Repair

By GrumblyGirl on Wed 05 February 2014

I took my car here because they were supposed to be specialist in wiring and the first shop I took it to didn't fix the issue. My engine and battery light kept coming on and then the car would die. I got it back with the engine light still on. It ran for a couple of weeks and then did the same thing, and the alternator ended up overheating my brand new battery. Took it to the third shop and found out the alternator was not hooked up properly and caused the over heating. They were well aware that I had recently had the alternator replaced by another shop and I asked them to check it out as well as all the wiring the first shop did. They should have immediately noticed the problem if they had used there "diagnostic" equipment. I should have done more research online before I took my car to 1st Bucky's, then AJ's. I found Conaway motors online and they get an A+ from the better business bureau. I recommend them above all others, for any repair. They found the problem right away and they have specialist in Honda repairs, and one for all other foreign cars.


By GrumblyGirl on Wed 05 February 2014

Do not let them near your car. They replaced my alternator and it was not hooked up properly causing all kinds of electrical problems. There is no way to tell if that was even the original problem either. Then they rewired the entire fuse box, allegedly, because the engine light and battery light kept coming on and then the car would break down every couple days. Also the alternator, I was told had a lifetime warranty, but they charged me to have it tested and then said I needed a new engine rewiring harness and that the alternator was not the problem. In the end the alternator over heated the brand new battery I put in. And blew out my stereo. And 4 months and $1000.00 later my car was never fixed. Bucky's is the devil! There mechanics are barely able to change a tire or change your oil. I got screwed!