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Bales Auto Mall

By Greg B on Wed 05 February 2014

I would recommend you stay as far away from Bales' Service Dept as possible. I brought my Jeep in to have the CPM replaced. They told me they would have me ready to go in a couple days. The part was late being delivered, so they told me it would put in when it arrived. I understood that and did not fault them. After the part arrived, it took them four days to put the part in. At no time was I contacted by the service dept to get updates. Serveral times I was promised the Jeep would be ready to call and find out it was not. No explantions or apologies were ever given. After arriving to pick up my vehicle it died as I pulled it out of the parking parking space. They kept it for three more days, and I was promised I would receive a call when they knew something. After 2 days of hearing nothing, I went and got my vehicle. They had it ready for 4 hours but didn't call me. They didn't charge me for the additonal work, but it hardly made up for a week of delays and unfiilled promises. If it allowed me, I would give them no stars or negative stars.