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City Automotive

By Greal17 on Wed 05 February 2014

They claim to have fixed the electrical properly, and they didn't fix anything with the electrical that I didn't do by myself. My mom picked up my car for me and didn't fully understand the circumstances until she told me the issues they have caused. They charged me 170 dollars to get my gauges working again. They were supposed to fix the gauges, the windows, the lights in the dash (the lights to view the gauges) and the exhaust pipe. They fixed the pipe, the windows, the gauges, but no lights i the gauges. in fact, since they have gotten my car, the tail lights stopped working and the hood latch was bent to where the hood wouldn't even lock down. They claim to have fixed more on my car like the blinkers and everything, but I actually changed the fuses myself to get the blinkers to work the same day. When I brought up the issue about the hood and everything, they claim to have not damaged the hood and used the fact that the hood was damaged before they got it. The hood was closed when they got the car and had to unlock it and open it to fix it, obviously. The hood was damaged previously and had been replaced since then and I had no problems with it since. It really sucks to take your car to a shop and they mess it up even more. Today, we tried to take it to get it fixed and the hood flew off and the guy behind us said it was okay and it wouldn't be a problem and we proceeded to tell him about how the shop messed it up. He asked us what shop and we told him City Automotive and he said (and I quote), "OH! THAT SHOP IS VERY NOTORIOUS FOR MESSING UP CARS AND NOT FIXING THEM! BY THE LOOK OF THE HOOD, IT LOOKS AS IF IT WAS MESSED UP BY THEM BECAUSE THE LATCH IS BROKEN!" It is ironic that this guy actually was driving a truck with cars towed on it and he is a car mechanic. This shop shall never be a first choice, a second choice, or even a last choice! Save your money and go somewhere else. They say they do quality work and I believe them. I have a lot of quality damage done to my car that they will not fix! I am unsure of any hourly rate so I put 0.