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Bay Harbor Ford

By Gladys on Wed 05 February 2014

I buy my fivehundred ford at this dealer , So I love my car the other day my throutt light came on in my car . Wow I call Ford They provied with tow Truck and took my car for cheq. up I call s/ w agent he said your transmition is dead you need to buy new car fix the transmition and it will cost you $6000.00 dollars , OH MY GOD , I call my friend another mechanic, he cheq, my car it was just a filter was needed to be change , I always took my car to Ford for change oil never nobody said anything about change filters clean stuf M not a mechanic and as a woman I was having faith the dealer the ford will advise me what to do with my car, well never happen , This ford bring me a new car try to make me get new car just try to still my money I will never service my carv at this place and will never recomend to anybody to go here , Plus they charge me over 200. dollars for notting , FORD the situation in the country is bad but you guys taken advance of me a good customer a person who trust FORD is unacceptable, I plead to new management to return my money due I know FORD is not like this dealer just did to me . They never cheq anything on my car I fix my car with way much less money and Now I want to FORD to please investigated this should never happend again . My name is Gladys Colon, Mercado .